Red Aces: We are back! (sorta)

May 8, 2021

  1. Announcement about the 2021 LUFC season and how you can participate
  2. Reminders on how to enjoy your match day and support the club during this COVID-19 year
  3. Welcome to new LUFC manager Manny Martins
  4. More opportunities to support LUFC during the 2021 season
  5. Get a hold of us here:

Hello Red Aces! Lane United Football Club is back in action for the 2021 USL2 season! But COVID-19 is still in control….so it’s not a normal year.

Things to know for the 2021 Lane United season:

  1. Because of the limited capacity allowed at the park, LUFC will only have the ability to host 250 fans
  2. Fans who purchase season tickets will get the first priority for entrance to the matches throughout the season. The club will be monitoring the risk level in Oregon and will make more tickets available if the risk level improves
  3. There will be no bleachers in place. Fans will be on the turf on the west side of the pitch below the wall. This side is sloped upwards and fans will be encouraged to sit with blankets and small chairs like you would at an outdoor show at the Cuthbert or the zoo
  4. Oregon COVID-19 mandates will apply at all LUFC events. That means that parties will have to remain small and properly spaced on the grounds…..blankets spaced out 6 feet apart, etc.
  5. There will be beer and food available, but per Oregon mandates, masks will still be required when moving around the park and at all times when not “actively eating or drinking”

2021 is an important year for Lane United Football Club. Small clubs like ours are struggling to get started again after a year off. As supporters of this club, the Red Aces need to be responsible in our public behavior and self-police for COVID-19 and safety protocols during Lane United matches and events (so the club doesn’t have to).

South Eugene 2013 (??)

The Red Aces are supporters of Lane United Football Club. We have to support the club as they get through this COVID-19 season, which means there will be a few changes for the 2021 Red Aces. Hopefully, if we all behave ourselves and knock COVID-19 on its ass, we can get back to our old selves in the 2022 season. There are some cool new possibilities on the horizon.

Based on what we know today (this is all subject to change…stay tuned), here are the Red Aces match day guidelines for 2021:

  • There are no current Red Aces tifo plans for the 2021 season. We do not have the time, space, and ability to pull off anything big
    • There is a possibility that we can hang some of our existing tifo during matches, but we don’t even know if there are places to do that
  • The Red Aces will not have an official drum and song presence at the matches
    • The COVID-19 restrictions just make it too difficult to rally and shout and sing and support like we are used to as a group
    • Our usual presence may make it difficult for the club to keep the peace and maintain COVID-19 protocols
  • Because of the restrictions on ticket sales to season ticket holders, the Red Aces will not be able to host rival fans and have the match day experience with them
    • It is unlikely that the Red Aces will be able to organize any mass Away Day travel. The other clubs are also subject to capacity restrictions and loyalty to their season ticket holders. More updates on away possibilities as we get closer to the season

Lunch with new LUFC manager Manny Martins

Jarboe and I had the opportunity recently to meet and talk some football with our new manager (some of you may remember him from our trips to the UO women’s matches in the past). He and his family were attendees in the early LUFC days, and he showed us some pics with his kids and our very own RedMan (Jac!). He has a great football coaching and scouting background and is looking forward to putting a hard-working squad out on the pitch in June. Manny will work hard for us and we are excited to see his brand of football!

Manny also let us know that we have a lot of players in our player pool, but as it is every year, many of these guys need a place to crash! Here’s some info put out by the club recently about hosting Lane United players. If you or anyone you know is interested in providing some player shelter, please contact right away! There are lots of players that would like to come to Eugene for the summer! Thanks all for putting the word out.

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