Why should I give money to the Red Aces?     Joining the Red Aces as a paid member shows that you’re as passionate as we are about supporting Lane United FC and you want to help us financially to produce bigger tifos, louder drums, more home and away activities, and a better match day experience. And you’ll get the limited edition membership scarf which is a pretty badass item 👍

Where does the money go?     The Red Aces are a not-for-profit group with a volunteer staff so 100% of membership fees are put towards tifo, flags, banners, the drum corps, smoke bombs, away day trips, membership scarves, and membership cards. No individual in the Red Aces organization benefits financially from any membership or other revenue collected.

When will I receive my membership package?     All memberships are processed by volunteers and membership packages are ready for pick-up at our seasonal launch party. If you’ve requested that your membership package be mailed, they will be shipped 1-3 weeks after the launch party. Membership packages will also be available for pick-up at home matches throughout the season.

Do I need to be a paid member to sit with the Red Aces?     No. We welcome all fans to join us but if you do decide to come into the Red Aces zone, please remember that this is an adult atmosphere. There will be drinking involved, there will be smoke bombs and other pyro set off, and there will be some coarse language. It will also be loud!

How do I get involved?     We’re always looking for volunteers for tifo, tailgates, travel, and other events. You can get in touch with The Red Aces on the Contact Page.

Paid Red Aces members receive:

  • A limited edition Red Aces scarf and Membership Card
  • Advance notice on custom merchandise sales
  • Advance notice to Red Aces events and road trips
  • Our thanks for funding the tifo team, drum corps, and the smoke brigade

Purchase your membership from two options:

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