People cheer and react differently at the matches but everyone should hopefully know the boundaries of good taste. Our aim is to give everyone an environment in which to let loose and be creative without creating friction or issues with other supporters.

Here is a list of behaviors (in person or online) that will get the attention of the Red Aces board and may get you banned:

  • Excessive profanity for shock value or swearing directly at another person.
  • Any language that is discriminatory of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  • Throwing objects on the pitch during the match.
  • Leading, encouraging, or participating in inappropriate chants.
  • Threatening or physically harming others.
  • Excessive or repeated drunkenness at matches, other club, or Red Aces events.
  • Perpetuating unwelcome sexual advances, sexual harassment, or sexual assault.

If you ever have an issue with anyone in the Red Aces group, please approach a board member or submit a message to We will follow up with you. We aim to make the Red Aces area a positive experience for all of our members and to maintain our transparency.

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