For the 2019 LUFC season at Marist High School, the Red Aces will be seated on the west side of the field across from the general crowd and behind the home and visiting benches. This allows the Red Aces to hoist tifos that are visible to the entire crowd (and cameras) as well as putting the smoke and pyro downwind of other seating sections.

The Red Aces area is open to all and we welcome anyone to join us to sing, chant, and root for the Reds. We are respectful of ALL members. We do not tolerate violence, discrimination, or any behavior that is disruptive.

The Red Aces Zone:

  • LOUD ATMOSPHERE: Many Red Aces will be chanting, cheering, and some people will be playing the drums during the entire match. There will also be people standing and moving about frequently.
  • ADULT LANGUAGE: The Red Aces do have Rules of Conduct but coarse language may be used by people in Red Aces area.
  • ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: The majority of people in the Red Aces area are adults and allowed to consume alcohol. There are alcohol monitors at Marist High School.
  • TIFOS, BANNERS, AND OTHER DISPLAYS: The Red Aces produce tifos, banners, two sticks, and other displays. Homemade flags and banners are welcome in the Red Aces area but you need to be considerate of others and not block anyone’s view.
  • SMOKE BOMBS AND PYROTECHNICS: The Red Aces set off red smoke bombs after each Lane United FC goal. We advice people to stay up wind if you have an aversion to smoke (the smoke is non-toxic).
  • CHILDREN: Children are welcome in the Red Aces area but parents need to be aware of the environment and should use discretion when bringing children to root with us.

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