Lane United Football Club SEASON 8! Are you serious? What to expect in May 2022

Southwest corner at Civic Park 2021….home sweet home!
  1. 2022 LUFC Schedule (first home match May 27, home finale July 7)
  2. Coaching and player updates
  3. LUFC opener on the road Sat May 21st vs the New Guys
  4. Home opener Fri May 27th vs Salem
  5. Civic Park rules and Match Day protocols

When are the Lane United matches in 2022??

As always in USL2, the season runs from late May through mid July. However, our last home match is on July 7th, so make sure to mark these dates on your calendar so you don’t miss any matches! The little six week window of home matches goes FAST, and we want to see as many of you out to Civic Park to see all of your Red Aces friends and root like mad for the Reds!

Our founding Head Coach is back for 2022!!

The Red Aces squadron is at your command!

After a few years of coaching in USL1, the Founding Father John Galas has returned to lead the Reds in 2022! And as a HUGE bonus, look who’s back……original LUFC rostered player and long time Assistant Coach Conner Cappelletti! Capp has busted his ass in the last 10 years and is a wonderfully skilled and valued addition to the Reds. Welcome back to the LUFC family, Johnny and Capp!!!

Player updates for 2022:

Much of last year’s squad is back this year and looking to improve on a tough 2021 season. LUFC Hall Of Fame keeper Albert Escuin is back to shut down all spot kicks and lead a defense with Hatcher, Jackmon, and Gustafson….all returning CBs and guys that can hold down the back! We have returning mids like Port, Case, and Merci linking up with players like Gonzalez up front and Habib (Ha BEEEEB!) on the wing. And with Johnny G back in charge, you know he will bring the quality players. And you know this league….players will be coming and going, so there should be a lot to be excited about in 2022.

Check out the club Instagram page for all player announcements!

Red Aces hit the road to welcome Ballard FC to the league

After a 2021 season where there were only 4 clubs in the USL2 NW Division, two new Washington-based clubs have been added to the league for 2022! Ballard FC is our first Seattle competition since the old Flounder U23s, and of course the Red Aces will be crashing their Opening Day! They have SOLD OUT the place with over 1,100 tickets, so let us know if you’re going to be in Seattle….maybe we could somehow get some tickets for ya 😉

2022 Home Opener: Friday May 27, 7pm

All of us are eager to get back to the park to support our boys and root like we do on the ground! First things first….time to go out and get those season tickets! Check the club website here:

The 2022 Home Opener is against Capital FC (Salem), who finally gave up the whole Timbers U23 myth after a few years and rebranded as their original club name. Good for them! Own your local club, ya bums! 🧐

They won our 4 team league last year and always have a decent squad. Come on out to Civic Park and help the Red Aces get our singing voices back and share some fun and beers with us. AND SING UNTIL THE END FOR THE REDS!!!

Civic Park rules and Match Day protocols: THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

  1. Civic Park is a privately owned property, and there are no tailgating activities, picnics, or alcohol consumption allowed on Civic Park grounds. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the area that would love your pre and post game business, and there are food and alcohol vendors inside the gates!
  2. The Red Aces Zone is in the SW corner of the park. This is an area for all fans of the Reds that like it on the loud side! There are no seats on the West side, so bring a blanket to sit or be prepared to stand. Check out this info on our Red Aces Zone:
  3. Red Wind from the West is ON! Moar snoke after goals!! The Red Aces have permission from Civic Park to set off smoke displays. The ECA has a ban on all other fireworks in the park.
  4. And most importantly, the Red Aces want our zone to be rowdy and spirited, but also a place where all Reds fans feel happy and welcome. You are welcome to join us and support the team in your way, but always be mindful of others in the crowd and strive to be a good citizen (loosely translated: if you are being a dick or a bully or a misogynist or scream profanities at refs or others…..we will check you….and if you persist, we will get you tossed or banned. Full Stop.) Check out our for more details.

Thanks everyone for your interest in Lane United Football Club and stay tuned for more updates!

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