Lane United Football Club Week 3: Home vs OVF Alliance Friday 6/18 7pm. Away vs Salem Academy X Sunday 6/20 2pm.

1st Red Aces road trip to Gresham, Sunday 6/13. Making friends and impressing OGs wherever we go.
  1. UPDATED ticket/capacity information for Friday June 18th
  2. Match Day protocols, Park and Red Aces rules of conduct
  3. Red Aces agenda PRE/90/POST for Friday June 18th
  4. Red Aces Away plans to Salem Academy X Sunday June 20th

Lane County still in the LOW risk category (more seating available)

There’s a new Season Ticket package available where you can catch the last 4 home matches for only $32! There are match day tickets sold on the Lane United tickets site.

RA Ultras in the Red Aces RAV4…..putting on more miles in 2021!

For those of you who are new or do not know the Lane United Football Club and Red Aces history, this local community has been working to save Civic Stadium for sports use since 2013. Many of us partnered with the Friends of Civic Stadium group and introduced them to the idea of modern football in a new park. Our groups marched together multiple times to show support for and together we put on marches to save the stadium. Original Red Aces were also in the crowd when the City of Eugene transferred the Civic Stadium ownership to the ECA. Many of us have been waiting and working 8 years for this moment.

Friends of Civic Stadium and Red Aces march to the park, 2014

Important Civic Park rules and Red Aces conduct guidelines

First league match of the year is here and so is the excitement. What should you expect? What are the do’s/don’ts? Here’s what we are asking of our loyal fanbase during our time at the park:

  1. Follow ALL state mandated, Lane United and ECA requested COVID-19 instructions. PERIOD. Do not cause these kinds of problems for anyone.
  2. Here are the Civic Park rules. NOTE: LUFC will be screening for vaccination cards at the gate and all vaccinated visitors will be given a special “I’m vaxxed!” armband. This will allow for vaccinated individuals to gather more closely without masks for drumming and chanting and is consistent with the current CDC outdoor guidelines for vaccinated citizens.
  3. Here are the Red Aces rules of conduct and match day guidelines. It’s not hard. Root for the Reds and don’t be an asshole.
  4. Be a good citizen in the group and be sure to gently remind your fellow Aces about those COVID-19 protocols. We all can slip up as our fun escalates 🙂
  5. Remember that we are supporters of Lane United Football Club first. Without the club, we do not exist. We can do our thing and have our fun, but please don’t forget our roots as a Supporters Trust. Club first.

OK! I’m in! What’s the Red Aces’ plan on Friday?

  1. A warning about parking. Civic Park has approx 100 spaces in the lot, however, South Eugene H.S. will not be available for overflow parking for this match Friday, June 4th. So please be considerate about your parking and park elsewhere if possible.
  2. Because Opening Day is on a work day, there will not be much time for pre-function. The ECA is encouraging folks to park downtown at the Overpark and “march to the pitch”, so if you find yourself available early, then look for that group and march with them!

    However, on a Friday workday, a march just isn’t feasible for most of us. Therefore, the Red Aces will be set up at the Pint Pot from 4:30 or so. OG Red Ace Tim Birr will be down from Portland with his pipes to lead us that last few blocks to the park to make our triumphant entry after 8 long years of waiting. You should be there for this historical moment!
  3. The Red Aces will be set up on the SW corner of the field. People in the Red Aces area must be fully vaccinated, and folks will need that specific vaccination bracelet that allows for closer gatherings on the drums and chanting. Fans not fully vaccinated must still follow all social distancing and masking protocols. But there’s a bunch of space out there to spread out and still be close to your fellow Aces!

    The “seating” will be lawn style like you would see at an outdoor amphitheater. So bring your blankets and low-seated chairs like you would for a show!
  4. Red Wind from the West is ON! Moar snoke after goals!! The ECA has a ban on all other fireworks in the park.
  5. As of Thursday, June 3rd, the OHA still has a ban on all large scale Tifo displays. Two sticks and flags are OK, and we will have plenty of both for all to wave and display during the match. We will update the group on the Tifo situation as things change.
  6. As stated before, please follow all ECA and LUFC COVID-19 protocols as stated on their social outlets.
    • Outdoor COVID protocols are currently in flux. ECA and LUFC will provide details as things change

Thanks everyone for your interest in Lane United Football Club and stay tuned for more updates!

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