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How long is the trip?

With all the travel involved, plan on traveling Thursday May 11 through Monday May 15th. We will arrive back in Eugene late on the 15th.


You will need a valid passport or a passport card (a passport card is good for travel to Mexico and Canada and is a bit cheaper than a full passport).

Exchange Rate

The US Dollar is strong against the Canadian dollar these days ($1 CAN = $0.75 US).

Can I bring alcohol into Canada?

Each person may bring in ONE of the following (without paying duties):

  • 1.5 liters of wine
  • 1.14 (weird amount!) liters of liquor
  • 24 cans or bottles of beer

Liquor laws in Canada are pretty strict, and alcohol can be expensive. In the bars, they only pour measured one ounce drinks (in the US we are used to 1.5 ounce pours….and heavier pours depending on your bartenders), and those one ounce drinks can cost a bundle. Look for happy hours!!


Travel to Vancouver

The new TSS Rovers club plays at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby which is a suburb of Vancouver. It’s a 420 mile trip from Eugene to Burnaby and the I-5 trip takes you through both Portland and Seattle. If you hit those cities at the wrong time, you’re going to get stuck in some major traffic. It’s also construction time on I-5 so plan your travel to minimize time spent in traffic.

The Red Aces are traveling to Bellingham, WA on Thursday night so that we can make it across the border on Friday morning and get to Burnaby in plenty of time.

Lodging in Vancouver

The match is in Burnaby, and the Red Aces are staying in an Air BnB in Burnaby. Burnaby is a pretty good sized city on its own and has plenty of motels available. There are some decent Air BnB and VBRO rental house options too.

Downtown Vancouver is only about 10 mins away, and there are a huge variety of motels and houses available for rent in the city. The Sky Train runs from Burnaby to Vancouver or it’s a 30 min drive in the usual traffic.

Match in Vancouver

The TSS Rovers play at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby. It’s a beautiful facility with an all-grass pitch. Adult tickets are $10. I think there is wine and beer served and some concession items. Not quite sure where the Red Aces will be sitting…..that’s the adventure of Match Day!

Travel from Vancouver to Victoria

Unless you’re a strong swimmer, the only way to Victoria is via the BC Ferry System. Ferries leave on the hour and the trip takes about 90 minutes. Each vehicle costs $57.50, and each adult passenger $17.20. You can and should make reservations for your specific ferry time….that way you just roll up and pay then board the ferry.

Lodging in Victoria

There is a HUGE variety of places to stay. They do have cheap beds at hostels as well as cheap motels and of course fancy-ass hotels. There are also some Air Bnb offerings in the city as well or there’s a website called Canada Stays where you can rent houses or condos. The Red Aces will be staying in a top floor condo in the heart of Victoria!

Match in Victoria

The Highlanders play out at the University of Victoria, about 3 miles (15 mins) from the city center. Tickets are $15 (I think). They have a limited selection of beer but a pretty BBQ selection for food. We will be drinking with the Lake Side Buoys (their Supporters’ Group) before and after the match, and mixing it up with them during the match. Both groups agreed that our match last year was the most fun any of us have ever had at a PDL match!

Travel from Victoria to Eugene

Again, you must take a ferry, this time from a company called BlackBall Ferry Line. It’s about the same cost…..$60 for a vehicle, around $18 per person (again, I advise you to make a reservation). The ferry leaves Victoria at 10:30am, but it is advised that you get there about 2 hours early to get your customs stuff finished.

The ferry pulls into Port Angeles, WA around noon and then we start driving. You’ll get through Seattle/Tacoma pretty easily during that time of the day, but you’ll be pulling into Portland around 5 pm (which is a pretty shitty time to be in Portland traffic). We usually stop before Portland, have some dinner, and wait out the traffic. That puts us back to Eugene around 8 pm on Monday the 15th.

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